When I started with TYIA, I was an unhealthy 300 pound woman. A supportive fitness community with a coach that is personally invested in my health and wellness has been transformational. I am no longer pre-diabetic or require blood pressure medication in addition to my significant weight loss.
— Melissa M.
You believe in each one of us, because of that we begin to believe in ourselves. For the first time in my life, I’m focusing on my body’s ability and not just it’s appearance. I’m finding an inner peace that I have lacked. Your strength, guidance, support and passion inspires so many. I believe there is a divine at work in us all.
— Michelle K.
I have always been active and have enjoyed many different sports and activities over the years, but being a part of TYIA has been something entirely new for me. Of course I love a vigorous and crippling workout, but what I love even more is to do one alongside men and women who show such determination and endurance and a true spirit of community an friendship. I enjoy the energy and fun of the workouts and the chance to sweat it out several times a week with a great group of people and a fantastic coach.
— Maegan C.
I’ve had a love-hate relationship with exercise since my high school track days. TYIA fills a void in my life that I didn’t know was there. I’ve watched this group rally around members in need countless times. It’s not just about exercise – it’s about being better people. Lisa inspires that in all of us with her support and encouragement. She never gives up on us, and doesn’t allow us to give up on ourselves.
— Elizabeth R.
Lisa is the perfect combination of tough and warm, she works with the whole person – mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of TYIA, I am stronger, more flexible, I have better balance and working out has become fun.
— Chet W.
I have been bouncing between 330 and 350 pounds for a long time. From the first class I tried months ago, the people at TYIA have been kind, supportive, sincere and fun. I have never felt judged or looked down upon by anyone. Lisa has created an environment of pure enjoyment and positive energy, I come to class not for the burpees and squats, but to absorb the group’s energy and kindness. Lisa has shattered the negative tapes in our heads that tell us we can’t do it, she’s provided a path of self-confidence that seemed irretrievable.
— Don L.
Class is the right balance between challenging and fun, and Coach P provides modifications so that individuals of any age or fitness level can participate. TYIA is unlike any other fitness program or group because of the many friendships I have made over the years, and the support and inspiration I’ve gained outside of class from my teammates has been immeasurable.
— Lynn A.
I was more than overweight, I was on blood pressure medication with a prescription for high cholesterol and was pre-diabetic when I found TYIA. I’ve lost over 60 pounds and all of my meds, but what I’ve gained is far greater. You won’t find a more encouraging, supportive group, or a coach who is more capable of bringing out the best in you.
— Melissa L.
I was 20 pounds overweight, heavily caffeinated and in early stages of osteoporosis. I’ve never stuck with any exercise routine the way I have with TYIA and the encouragement from the team is what I needed. I needed Lisa’s challenges every day and her encouragement not to quit when I have injuries or setbacks. I’m proud of the obstacles I’ve overcome this year and the milestones I’ve accomplished mentally and physically. I’m so grateful for Lisa and the TYIA team!
— Kim S.