Personal Training

Individual and small group sessions are available


Individual Training

One-on-one training allows the focus of every workout to be YOU. Your goals and personal needs determine the program design. Perhaps you are looking to manage your weight, have a specific health concern, are coming back from an injury or rehabbing from a recent surgery. Maybe you need sport specific strength training or maybe you have never worked out and are unsure of the group exercise class environment. Whatever your reason, personal training allows us to manage any restrictions and focus on your goals.

An individual fitness assessment and goal setting consultation is included with your first personal training session.

$65 per session (60 minutes)


Small Group Training

Looking for some personal attention to your goals or health concerns but still like the push and camaraderie of working out with friends? Small Group Training allows for a focus on your technique and execution that you won’t generally be able to achieve in the class environment, but generates the push created by the support and competition of others.

  • Group of 2:  $45/hour per person

  • Group of 3:  $35/hour per person

  • Group of 4:  $25/hour per person


Training Plans

Have you decided to run a 5k, 10k, half-marathon or do a triathlon? Perhaps you are looking for a monthly strength training, swimming or running program customized to you and your goals. You could search the web for some basic one-size-fits-all training options, but why not get a program designed specifically for you, your goals and your life schedule? Prices vary based on type of training plan, multi or single month commitments, and desired frequency of coaching and modification. Plans start at low as $50.

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