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The Healthy Huddle is a wellness community that developed from the fitness community of Train Your Inner Athlete. It is a health and wellness platform enabling individuals to gain knowledge in a supportive environment to assist in creating healthy habits leading them to the specific path that fits their lifestyle. Day-to-day living is more positive and enjoyable if it is HEALTHY living.

Knowing what to do is important. Are you overwhelmed and exhausted by all the ‘do this’, ‘don’t do’ that and quick fix fads? Every day we hear about a new diet, a cleanse, a supplement, food not to eat, food to eat, must do exercises, best time to train, worst time to train, burning fat as fuel, eat carbs, no carbs, high fat, low fat, etc. There are NO quick fixes or panaceas. It is about living with intention.

The Healthy Huddle is a community where you can have health conversations, ask questions, share successes and struggles with the support you need to achieve a healthy life. With 25 years of coaching, 20 years in the fitness industry and 2 years of health coaching, Lisa will lead each huddle and build programing to fit the goals of the Health Huddle team members.


What to Expect

  • A pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation on goal-setting

  • A one-on-one meeting with Coach Lisa to establish your goals

  • A monthly health presentation on various pertinent topics

  • A monthly #onesimplechange idea to gradually build healthy habits

  • A weekly group conversation (in-person or zoom) on various health topics

  • Weekly emails including huddle hints, training tips and food as fuel topics

Join the Huddle

  • Yearly for $365

  • Four-months for $150

  • Monthly for $45

For only $1 a day you can get in the game of health.

Meetings will be held at the Westbrook Community Center and via Zoom
Mondays from 5:45pm - 6:45pm beginning February 4th, 2019 (excluding holidays)

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Training Topics

  • Calorie Balance and Metabolism

  • Exercising

  • Health Concerns as We Age (menopause)

  • Heart Health

  • Meal Planning and Recipes

  • Macro and Micro Nutrition

  • Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Nutrition for Optimal Performance

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder/Depression

  • Sleep

  • Spiritual Health

  • Stress

  • Supplements

  • Tips and Tricks

Health and Wellness Coaching

Individual, one-on-one coaching will focus specifically on you. We will discuss your specific goals and past roadblocks as we create a game-plan that will guide you toward sustainable success. We will modify this plan as you create successes and experience new challenges. The strategy will be created together and can include conversation about nutrition and exercise, reading food labels, a pantry/fridge makeover, grocery shopping together, etc. These sessions will be built to fit your goals.

  • $50 for a 30-minute session

  • $80 for a 60-minute session

  • $275 for six 30-minute sessions

  • $430 for six 60-minute sessions

*Yearly and four-month members of the Healthy Huddle will receive a 30% discount for Health and Wellness Coaching.