Teammates Everywhere Achieve More

Three of the top factors impacting adherence to fitness programs are time, convenience and motivation. TEAM is designed to manage all of these.

TEAM is a hybrid model created to allow you the flexibility to train when you can, wherever you are, but will also provide the benefits of being a part of a TEAM.  Workout plans will be provided through the utilization of the Training Peaks app.  Email and  Zoom video conferencing will enable you to be in contact with your coach.  And a private Facebook group will put you in contact with TEAMmates.  The TEAM program provides you the flexibility to workout on your schedule with the benefits of having a coach and TEAMmates who can support you, challenge you and inspire you to attain your goals.


There are two options for TEAM Training Plans, both will include interval training, strength, core, and pliability workouts, facebook tips and support, contact with other TEAMmates to plan run, bike, swim, hike, ski, snowshoe, paddleboard, or any other workouts with.

The General Plan will include a basic one month calendar plan of workouts to help you reach your goals, not tailored to your abilities or specific end goals.

The Individualized Plan is one month of weekly plans designed specifically for you. Your coach will prescribe workouts each week in Training Peaks. Whether you are aiming to set a PR in an upcoming race, doing your first triathlon or 5K, or just looking for some motivation and accountability, your workouts will be evaluated and tailored to help you reach your individual goals.


The specifics of TEAM can be designed to meet the needs of each individual TEAMmate, but will include 

  • Workout plans provided through Training Peaks 

  • Tips and support in a Facebook group

  • Possibility of discovering nearby TEAMmates 

  • Planning a run, bike, swim, hike, ski, snowshoe, paddle board etc. with local and virtual training partners

  • A coach invested in your success